Welcome to Puddletown Squares

Seattle’s modern square dance group for the LGBT community and their friends

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Did you see us at Pride?

Please come to one of our open house dances, or click here to hear about future sances

Free Open House Dance!

Aug 22, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Add to your calendar now and invite your friends: Aug 22

This is not the square dancing you may expect or remember.
Dress is casual, music is contemporary, we laugh a lot, singles and couples are welcome, and partnering is gender-neutral.
Absolutely no experience (or rhythm) is necessary. Knowing your right from left is helpful, but not required.

Where: St. Andrew’s Church, 111 NE 80th St, Seattle, WA 98115

Since we build concepts over the evening, it’s best if you can start with us at 7:00.


Watch to see what our style of dancing looks like: video

Ongoing Events

Puddletown Dance Nights

We need 8 committed dancers each week, or we have to cancel. So please RSVP!

Advanced & C1 practice dance, 7-9pm
Welcome Table Christian Church, 1322 S Bayview St, Seattle, WA 98144
(close to Beacon Hill Light Rail station) (map)
RSVP by Fri noon @ doodle.com/q34bykb2ftuph3y3


C2, 7-9pm
St. Andrews Episcopal Church (map), 111 NE 80th St, Seattle
RSVP by Fri 7pm @ doodle.com/qpbzfsfwtxgs855g

Mainstream & Plus practice dance, 7-9pm
St. Andrews Episcopal Church (map), 111 NE 80th St, Seattle
RSVP by Tues 5pm @ doodle.com/poll/dmnu9i4wyxr8e8tx

Puddletown dances in church basements and other neighborhood venues. We are not associated with any religious organization. (If you know of an affordable place to dance – please let us know)