Modern Square Dancing is nothing like you remember from grade school! With Puddletown it is upbeat and energetic without a single hay-bale in site. Our “Taste of Square Dancing” events allow us to share the fun with everyone for an evening.

Square dancing is fun for all ages and is a great alternative to the bars for the gay community. It is a highly social activity, one of the few where gay men, lesbians, straight people, and all the other groups that are part of the gay and lesbian community all join hands (literally) to dance, and the first night of lessons is often the first time we see people who are about to become life long friends.

We hold our “Taste of Square Dancing” events right before the next cycle of lessons begins so if you fall in love with Square Dancing like we all have, you can jump right in and join us!

St. Andrews Episcopal Church is located in the Greenlake neighborhood at 111 NE 80th St. There is plenty of parking, and it is easily accessible by bus.


Do I have to wear square dance clothes?
You are certainly welcome too, but it is not required. It is most important that you wear something comfortable to dance in. Square dancing takes a lot of energy! Also, good shoes, preferably with soles that will slide, are a must.

Do I have to bring a dance partner?
Not at all. Singles are always welcome! There is always someone to dance with at Puddletown!

Can I bring my kids?
We have had people bring their teenagers to take the class with us and it was a great family activity for them. They do tend to get bored dancing with “old” people though, so it depends a lot on the kids themselves how much they will enjoy it. Our long term goal is to be able to support both a teen square dance club and a club for littler kids, but we are not there yet.

But I’m not gay!
That’s okay! Everyone is welcome!

What if I don’t like country music?
Modern Square Dancing is danced to all sorts of music, and especially at a gay club like Puddletown, you will be dancing to Disco, world music, house, Salsa, old show tunes, and top 40 hits.

What if I don’t have time to take lessons?
Well, Modern Square Dancing, which is the type of square dancing we do at Puddletown, takes about 20 weeks to learn, (it is not hard, it just takes a lot of repetition to make responding to the calls automatic) but because we want everyone to be able to dance with us at least some of the time, you can learn a few moves and dance with us several times a year, at our “Taste of Square Dancing” events, at Pride Festival and at NW Folklife Festival.