About Gay Square Dancing

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Square Dancing is a highly social activity, one of the few where gay men, lesbians, straight people, and all the other groups that are part of the gay and lesbian community all join hands (literally) to dance, and the first night of lessons is often the first time we see people who are about to become life long friends.

A common square dance slogan is “Square Dancing is friendship set to music.” Square Dancing takes a lot of teamwork, and the people who really enjoy it are the sort of people who play well in groups. Square dancers as people range from shy introverts to over the top extroverts; some are computer programmers, others are fine artists, but something they all have in common is that they are almost always very nice people.

Most of all though, Square Dancing is a lot of fun. It is good exercise, burning almost 400 calories an hour (which is unfortunately almost always offset by the potluck table) and once you have danced long enough, and the calls come automatically to you, it can become almost meditative and the perfect way to relax and get centered after a long day. We spend a lot of time laughing too, so even before the calls come automatically, it is hard to leave a dance in a bad mood.

We have lots of fun events planned for throughout the year, and we hope you will feel like part of the club right from the beginning.